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Introducing Jack Hammer Abs with ActiVibe —
the biggest breakthrough in ab-sculpting technology in decades!

Finally, that flat midsection you always dreamed of is within your reach.
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    Jack Hammer Abs with ActiVibe is an innovative program designed to tone your entire midsection —
    without crunches or sit-ups.

  • Thanks to its advanced ab-sculpting technology, it delivers 87% more muscle activation through your core than crunches or sit-ups.*
  • Engages your entire even core without the pain of traditional sit-ups or crunches.
  • You can get a flat and toned mid-section in just 60 days!
  • See great results, whatever your age or fitness level.
  • Demonstrated in an independent study. *

    These incredible results are possible due to the dual technological benefits of ActiVibe and ActiveAssist.