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Jackhammer Abs with ActiVibe is an innovative program designed to tone your entire midsection —
without crunches or sit-ups.

  • Delivers 87% more muscle activation through your core than crunches or sit-ups.*

  • Engages your entire even core without the pain of traditional sit-ups or crunches.

  • You can get a flat and toned mid-section in just 60 days!

  • See great results, whatever your age or fitness level.

  • Stable, ergonomic design.

  • 3 levels of vibrating intensity.

  • Safe and effective.

These incredible results are possible due to the dual technological benefits of ActiVibe and ActiveAssist.


This total core muscle-activating technology creates waves of ab-sculpting vibrations throughout your core. It’s like the rollout—only better!


Built-in recoil technology keeps you
in control, and helps you roll back to
the starting position without stress on
your lower back.

May Improve Concentration & Focus
Helps Student Concentrate In Class & On Exams
Can Reduce Boredom, Relieve Stress, & Calm Tension

Results not typical. Most people will lose less. JackHammer Abs™ users followed the JackHammer Abs™ reduced-calorie eating plan and did the JackHammer Abs™ workout reguarly.

Jackhammer Abs with ActiVibe took the most effective ab-sculpting exercise the rollout - and made it better! With this…ActiVibe - Active Vibration. A total core muscle activating technology which creates waves of ab-sculpting vibrations.

Just as a real Jackhammer, sends a wave of vibration through the body,when you grab the handles of Jackhammer Abs with ActiVibe, muscle activating vibration travels up your arms and directly where you want it most….right in your Abs!

And when you roll-out, you hit your upper, middle and lower abs and when roll back, your lower middle and upper again – all with the same muscle-activating vibration technology. No other ab machine on the planet does that!

You never have to do another crunch or sit-up again to get a great ab workout. In fact, compared to crunches and sit-ups, Jackhammer Abs with ActiVibe delivers 87% more muscle activation through your entire core than those exercises. That’s why people who use Jackhammer Abs with ActiVibe give reactions like this…